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Sports and nature coming down the river with rafts Horn with 6 slots and driving along the river you can see how the unique beauty of the Nera Valley Gorge Biselli. Rafting along this stretch of river is enjoyed by everyone, including children

Offer Period October

(Last months of 2011 to make descents)

Minimum stay 2 nights with breakfast,

30E per person

Dinner in a typical trattoria in Norcia local specialties (appetizer, first and second courses, side dishes and drinks),

20E per person

Convection with Umbria Rafting

10% discount on the price of the descent

Accommodation twin / triple shift equity, board equipped with flip-flops, bathing suit and towel

Reservations by contacting 3804712564

Nb at the time of the reservation will be assessing the availability of runs for the chosen date

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